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Pub & Bar Signboard

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Welcome to our page! We are specialist of signboard making in Malaysia. There are multiple types of options for the signboards that we offer to our customers for different types of businesses nature. There are few professional designers are hired by us. They are graduated from Top University of Malaysia and have many experience of designing signboard. Design service is also provided by us so we will listen to customers requirements thereby create a signboard which meet customers' expectations as well as suit customers' business purpose. We all know that signboard is the most popular brand recognition tool which used to improve brand awareness and popularity so we definitely will modify the design until satisfy customers' needs. Signboard will help you to stand out your business among the competitors of same industry. Many materials options can be chosen by customers to manufacture their personalize signboard such as the material Aluminim, Stainless Steel, EG Steel, Acrylic Trim Cap, Acrylic Finishing Paint, and so on. 

For the industry of Pub & Bar, LED 3-dimensional channel letters Signboard is the best choice for the owner of Pub & Bar to choose to represent their business identity. This is due to this kind of signboard able to light up your business brand as long as you switch on the LED light of signboard. It is the better way to let people who passing by know you are in business by installing a signboard in front of your shop. As we know, Pub & Bar is operating from night until midnight, so this kind of LED 3-dimensional channel letters signboard is definitely the best choice for Pub & Bar industry. It able to let people to notice its shop even from far distance at night. In addition, it can also advertise your shop after the shop is closed as long as the switch is still on. It able to capture customers' attention by using this lighting signboard. Let's grabbing customers attention from now by ordering an eye-catching signboard from us!! We definitely will not let you down since satisfying customers is our main responsibility. 

LED is categorized to different effect such as LED back-lit, front-lit, side-lit, exposed, as well as light bulb. Different LED effect will present different light effect. For example, LED back-lit means that the LED is applied at the back of letter signs of signboard which will emit a softer and hidden light; LED front-lit means that LED is applied inside the letter signs of signboard which will emit strong bright from the signboard; LED side lit means that light will be emitted from the side of letter signs of signboard since LED is applied at the side of letter signs of signboard. Therefore, customers can choose whether to use which kind of effect to apply onto signboard based on their preferences. Other than LED and 3-dimensional design, we have few more options for customers to choose from. For example, Neon tube light signboard. In case customers do not want LED effect, they may choose neon tube effect which also able to light up your signboard. As a leading signboard design and manufacture company in Malaysia, we will provide excellent service to satisfy customers' needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts.  

Kuala Lumpur Signboard Company