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Kuala Lumpur Signboard Company

We are specialist of signboard making in Malaysia. We promise that signboard manufactured by us are in best quality and durable. Durable signboard will be long lasting so that you may save the cost of redo signboard in the future since signboard will be last longer. We will satisfy all your needs and requirements in making signboard from layout to fabrication as well as installation service. No matter what business you are involving, we will try our best to design the perfect signboard for your company as long as you request the service from us. Just now we mentioned that we will satisfy you from layout to installation service which means we will also provide design service for you. Our professional designers are graduated from Top University of Malaysia and have attended many international graphic seminars so that we are confident to create an eye catching signboard which meet customers satisfaction and expectations. Workers of department installation service of signboard also have many years experiences since they started to work in our company since our company has established many years ago.

We will listen to customers requirement thereby create a personalize signboard which represent customers company identity. The signboard will be installed to capture the attention of the customers towards customers company for increasing the sales revenues of the company and improving the reputation of company around customer's company location area. Furthermore, we are glad to offer you different types of signboards for all types of businesses such as 3-dimensional letters, LED signboard, Neon signboard, LED 3-dimensional letters signboard as well as Neon 3-dimensional letters signboard. We will use the superior high quality of raw materials such  as aluminum, acrylic, iron, stainless steel and so on since we know that superior high quality of raw materials will produce an ideal signboard with unique and beautiful look. Thus, signboard is the best promotional marketing tool for the businessmen to improve business brand awareness and popularity. Let's grab the attention of customers by making a well designed signboard from us!! 

If you want to make your manufacturer company more attractive you may add some LED light effect onto the signboard. LED is categorized into different effect such as LED back-lit, front-lit, side-lit, exposed, and light bulb effect. In addition, you can also choose to combine two effects onto signboard. For example, you may choose the combination of front-lit and back-lit LED effect to be added onto signboard. Therefore, the LED light will be emitted from front side and back side of signboard which makes the signboard more brilliant and strong brightness. People can notice it even from far distance especially at night. However, you can choose to make a 3-dimensional letters signboard if you want to make your signboard in simple design. 3-dimensional letters signboard is known as non-illuminated signboard so that there is no light will be emitted from the signboard since no LED or neon light effect are added onto the signboard. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts.

Kuala Lumpur Signboard Company