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Hi guys! Welcome to our webpage! Here is the page which introduce the areas in which we provide our signboard service to. We are providing signboard service in the district of Puchong. As a professional Puchong Signboard Supplier, there is one stop service which provided by us such as designing, fabrication, installation, and dismantle service. First of all, we will ask few workers to measure the length and width of your company thereby we can manufacture an appropriate size of signboard which match with your company. After we confirm the size of signboard with the owner of company or shop lots, we will start to design the signboard based on your specific requirements or demands. You may tell all your requirements of signboard to us thereby we can create a signboard design which meet with your expectations. In addition, you may also customize the design by yourself then pass the design for us. After that we will help you in manufacturing the signboard. When the signboard is ready to be installed, our professional workers from installation department will in charge in sending the signboard to your doorsteps and help you to install it. 

We are offering two types of signboard which are illuminated and non illuminated signboard since we are the professional Puchong Signboard Supplier in Malaysia. Illuminated signboard refers to the LED or Neon tube lighting effect install inside the letter signs of signboard which can make the signboard shiny and brilliant when you switch on the LED or Neon tube light. LED effect is categorized into different types such as LED backlit, frontlit, sidelit, exposed as well as light bulb. Different types of LED definitely will present different visual display. With this kind of illuminated signboard, people can recognize your company easily even from far distance especially at night. Whereas non illuminated signboard means there is no lighting effect will be installed inside the letters signs of signboard. Hence, non illuminated signboard will not emit any light and people may not easily recognize the company at night since the signboard is not clearly to be seen. Therefore, illuminated signboard is more suitable to those company or shop which is operating until late night, while non illuminated signboard is more suitable to those shop which is operating on day time. 

As a professional Puchong Signboard Supplier, we know that signboard is the most useful presentation tool to convey message to public regarding its business nature. Signboard can be designed by using words, images, or both which depends on customers requirements. We definitely will design a signboard which able to deliver the business nature to the public when people looking at the signboard. Our professional designers will also put effort in creating the signboard design since we value our customers perspective. There are few materials of signboard in which customers can choose to make their preferred signboard. However, different materials also available in different price. If you have any doubt, you are welcomed to contact or email us. We are reachable by both way and we will reply your message as soon as possible. 

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