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Negeri Sembilan Signboard Supplier

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Our company have been established since many years ago. We have more than 10 years of experience in customizing signage design and advertising. We have been expanded our business throughout the West of Malaysia by providing service to different state of Malaysia. For instances, we have provide signage or signboard service in Negeri Sembilan. So customers located at Negeri Sembilan are welcomed to contact us and place order for making signboard. We would design to creating the design with our signage designing employees or team, fabricating signboards, delivering signboards and installing signboards or signages to help advertising your company business. We understand how important first impressions are to your success. By assessing your individual needs, our sign and graphics solutions add value to your budget, bringing the best result for your business.

As a Negeri Sembilan signboard supplier, we always execute our works according to our tenet, rendering the best service and provide supreme quality products to meet every customers' specific needs and requirements and then build the customer satisfaction to the most highest level. We are a fully equipped company and tends to manufacturing the signboard by using high technologies and equipment. We always emphasize on rigorous quality standards, precision and having well-trained employees in producing the signage or signboard. Furthermore, we also concern about the products variability to meet customers' demands and requirements. Therefore, we subserve the relative needs and requirements of different industrial sectors as well as offering a wide variety of quality signage or signboard products. The signboards options now available in our company were comprised of LED light system signboard (LED frontlit, backlit, sidelit, exposed, and light bulb effect), neon tube light system signboard (single line neon tube or double line neon tube), 3D Channel letters signboard, and 3D box up letters signboard. Moreover, we plays the role as a Negeri Sembilan signboard supplier was unique and famous in that our advanced range of signboard or signs products contains the advantages of dimensional precision, high tensile strength, flawless, long lasting and low maintenance cost. We supply signboard with flexible designs ability in terms of it letter signs or objects that adhere on the signboard such as design, shape, font style, size, and colours, cutting, measure (length, width, height), material used, quality and also the targeted price range that based on each customer's requirement or preferences. 

What kind of signboard that will be suitable for your business? Can't figure it out?  Call us now at 05-466 7954, whats App to 016-550 6859 or email to We will help you to find out. We provide consultation services to help our customers acquire signboard measurements specifications, propose signboard type, board material, and so on. 

Kuala Lumpur Signboard Company