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Hello everyone~~~

Are you seeking a signboard company to help you manufacture a signboard to represent your signboard identity in the district of Pudu Kuala Lumpur?? Yes! We are the one you looking for!! Although our company is not based in Pudu Kuala Lumpur, we will provide delivery service to deliver the signboard to your doorsteps. We will ensure the delivery process goes smoothly and your signboard will be arrived to your company safe and sound. There is one stop service of signboard provided by us such as designing, fabrication, installation as well as dismantle service. In addition, there are few professional designers available in our company so that the signboard design definitely will be very beautiful and elegant. Designers have more than four years experience as well as graduated from Top University of Malaysia so that they know what customers want very well. Customers can also customize their design then pass it to us and we will help them in manufacturing the signboard.

Measurement of signboard must be measured accurately in order to suit the length and width of company. After we know the measurement of signboard, we can proceed to the design step. We will listen to customers requirement and demands thereby create a signboard design which meet customers expectations. Letter signs of signboard can be designed in different font, size, shape, and color which based on customers requirements. After designers done the design of signboard, we will let our customers to see whether meet their needs and wants. When customers have decided the final draft of signboard design, we will proceed to fabrication process. We are using the best quality of material in manufacturing the signboard so that it will be durable thereby reduce the burden of company to make a new signboard in future. When signboard is ready to be installed, we will distribute some experience workers to help to install the signboard in your company. In case customers would like to uninstall the signboard, they may contact us since we also provide the dismantle service as long as customers request from us.

As a professional Pudu Signboard Supplier, we offer two types of signboard for customers to choose from. First is illuminated signboard in which the light will be emitted from the letter signs of signboard because LED or Neon tube lighting effect are installed on the signboard. With this illuminated signboard, people can easily recognize your company especially at night. On the other hand, another type of signboard is known as non illuminated signboard. Non illuminated signboard refers to the ordinary 3-dimensional letters signboard in which there is no lighting effect will be emitted from the signboard. Therefore, customers can choose whatever type they preferred to make their personalize signboard. If you have any doubt, you are welcomed to contact or email us. We are reachable by both way and we will reply your message as soon as possible. Satisfying customers needs and wants is always our main responsibility.

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